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posted May 12, 2011, 8:31 PM by Michelle Garcia

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                  Tenejero is one of the biggest barangay in the city of Balanga. It was the national awardee for being the most outstanding barangay in Lupong Tagapamayapa . Most of the residents derived their income from salaries. They are employees in public and private enterprises because you can find here the Bataan General Hospital, Elizabeth Warehouse, San Miguel Corporation Warehouse and Camp Tolentino. Others are farmers and laborers. They utilize that vast tracks of land in farming irrigated by self-generating units. The farmers can harvest rice twice a year. The major products are fruits and vegetables livestock and poultry.

                  The local residents are also known for their expertise in business establishments like computer shop, gift shop, machine shop, xerox, sari-sari store, etc.




                  It’s elective and appointive officials in rank and file employees distributed among it’s department are serving the barangay of Tenejero. In consistence with the provisions of the Local Government Code, the staffing pattern and administration were subjected to the minimum standard set by the Civil Service Commission in performing designated/tasks.



                  Barangay Tenejero




      As of last census of population, there are 2759 residents. 75% belong to the young population.




      Basically, residents of the barangay are engaged in small scale industry, peddling clothing and curtain materials in the different tiangges (flea markets) not only around Pampanga but even in the busy streets of Divisoria. Some are still engaged in farming with palay as its chief produce.