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CHILD DISCIPLINE: PARENT’S OR TEACHER’S RESPONSIBILITY? by: Miss Ellen C. Macaraeg Principal II, Tenejero Elementary School City of Balanga

posted Jan 25, 2014, 4:40 PM by Edeliza Manalaysay

            Upbringing of children is undoubtedly a very delicate task. All parents for sure wanted to mold their offsprings to the best persons that they can be with promising values and discipline. Sounds very ideal but actualizing this, is somewhat hard to be done. As a day to day encounter with numerous children in school, dealing with their discipline is probably one of the hardest problems to handle. The guidance office is oftentimes flocked with complaints regarding misbehavior of pupils like peer fights or brawls, disrespectfulness to teachers, cheating, unruliness of class and a lot more negatives. As a school head, I can’t help but to wonder why many learners behave in the way unexpected of them, very much different from the generations of years ago.  For sure, no school or teacher would teach children to become delinquent or future societal problem, right?

             While it is true that academic learning is said to transpire in school, discipline perhaps, is first to acquire at home with the guidance of the parents. It is not enough that parents drop-off their children to school and turn-over the full responsibility of their holistic development to the teachers. With the countless influences from the environment and peers, parents support is definitely needed first and foremost so that together with the teachers, they could work hand-in hand to address the behavioural problems confronting their children. From there, instilling proper bahavior and positive attitude has then become a shared responsibility of both the school and the parents.