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FOCUS FOR MASTERY by: Mrs. Soledad S. Carlos, Tenejero E/S

posted Jul 4, 2012, 5:03 PM by Edeliza Manalaysay

                        All kinds of achievement measures call for mastery. Academic performance we can measure how much a learner has learned. The figure may vary but definitely it measures quantitative results. But how are these done. Simply any subject taught needs mastery. How can mastery attained. It can be attained through consistent practice. It calls for the teacher’s patience and innovative ways how she can challenge the pupils to quest for more. It should not be done in one style. It should be more until when the pupils have finally perform what is asked for, specifically in reading. It is decoding symbol until a real reading skills is performed. Reading has a lot of skills to do like decipher the symbol, interpret the symbol what it really means as simply say the works as it should be pronounced more over, answer questions asked about the things that was real.

In mathematics are fundamental skills to be learned which can not be done overnight. It is a skills learned by performance on interlacing activities to lunar of the other skills, simply it is counting but analyzing the values, place value and it’s relationship to it’s whole. Visualizing since in another skill. If the basic were not mastered as in the 4 fundamentals the other skill needed for problem solving can not be learned. As for me, I advocate a mastery for any thing thought so that pupils will post a good academic achievement and performance.