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K to 12 CURRICULUM by: Mrs. Soledad S. Carlos, Tenejero E/S

posted Jul 2, 2012, 11:20 PM by Edeliza Manalaysay

                        Republic Act 101 – mandates the Department of Education the implementation of the kindergarten to twelve years to finish elementary and high school. With the new curriculum, Kindergarten is a must to finish before entering Grade I-Grade VII starts in high school until one finishes Grade XII the level of Senior High School. Together with the new curriculum in Grade I also starts the implementation of Mother Tongue Based . This was conceptualized to make learning for Grade I pupils easy to comprehend being used to the language. The first quarter of the school year, pupils and teachers tackle the oral phase, speaking and listening first without learning to recognize the printed symbols.                    

Administrators are anxious to push themselves to further the learning of Grade I pupils. We look forward to see how effective it can bring forth the manifestations of change in behavior, speaking skills following instructions.

                        Observations show that pupils are making themselves ready for the real tasks of Grade I skills.

                        We asked our parents to work with us supplement their children in terms of guidance and monitor their child’s needs. By this cooperative efforts, school and home can reach goals for the betterment of the children thus, building a community of literate citizenry.