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K to 12 Education Agenda for 2013 Onwards by Rosalina R. Aromin Tenejero Elementary School

posted May 16, 2012, 8:05 PM by Edeliza Manalaysay

                                Department of Education seems to be in a drastic move to launch the K to 12 program. Such a drastic reform hopes to turn the tide in favor of our people to an extremely significant for socioeconomic development. With this reform the Kindergarten in its full blown swing in its implementation of the Grade 1 and Grade 7 comes June 4. The dream is yet to be seen and many believe that it is far from reality. But to me as a teacher, I would feel to be proud that this is an innovation anchored on principles and concepts on how the Dep-Ed will be going forward.

                              Many researches, they say have been conducted to make a review on what were missing and what can be done so that institutionalizing the K to 12 program will yield a more comprehensive results that our pupils will be benefitted.

                               The government has worked hard to reach such a dynamic action to implement basically the department that will empower our youth. In the elementary level, We are not adding another year. We start with the high school at  Grade 7 curriculum. The second, third and fourth year of 2012-2013 will be using the Secondary Curriculum. But in 2013-2014 Grade 2 and Grade 8 will continue with K to 12 Education Curriculum onwards, until they reached Grade 10. Hoping to graduate Junior High School expected to find a job. But for those who will continue they have to take Grade 11 and Grade 12 to graduate as Senior High School. The opportunity in this program that Junior High School graduates will be able to land a job.

                              Let’s join hands as educators to this new development in our educational system. This hope to attempt, to improve the imbalances of the supply and demand for trained and educational resources. We are hopeful that high school graduate can eventually land a job. It will certainly of applicable knowledge in the needed job requirement. Junior High School curriculum is so planned that the needs of the community for job placement. More so the Senior High School will have a great applicability as human resources for the locality. College Education will be just optional. What is important our youth will have placement here and abroad. Let’s be ready to move along with K to 12.