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Pupils exercise right to vote By: Erica Dizon

posted Dec 1, 2016, 5:53 PM by Edeliza Manalaysay

Last February 23, TES pupils chose their future leaders through an election of Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) officers for school year 2016-2017.

Prior to this event, TES conducted the activities for the SPG Election of Officers on February 10 to 22.

To test the determination and will of the candidates in pursuing their goal of becoming the future leaders of TES, the screening for the SPG        aspiring officers was held last February 11-12  at the Guidance room. The screening    involved interviews for the selected pupils from grades three to five.

After the screening, filing of the Certificates of Candidacy (COC) took place on February 15-16. During the last day of the filing of COCs, the SPG Adviser, Ms. Anna Liza C. Abutar     together with her   assistant Ms.Divina C. Dabu, called a meeting for all the      aspiring leaders wherein the             responsibility, requirements, and       activities of being a SPG Officer were tackled and    discussed.,

On February 16, the official list of candidates for SPG Election was publicly announced to the    pupils. The candidates in each party were called. They were introduced to the pupils of TES and gave a brief background about their  platforms.

The Campaign Period started on February 16 to 17. The candidates were given only limited time to have their campaign. Each party               independently planned their campaign   strategies and went room-to-room to introduce themselves and encourage the pupils to support and vote them.

Right after the election, the Committee on Elections counted and tallied the votes of the pupils. After about 4 hours, the counting of votes was done  and the result was then   announced and posted the same day.

The following are the new SPG officers:

   President: Frances Janelle C. Dabu

   Vice President: Jethro H. Estrella

   Secretary: Juan Rafael S. Miguel

   Treasurer: Jamaica Garcia

   Auditor: Jeffrey Molina

   P.I.O.: Venus Irish Lagrimas

   P.O.:1.Bea Andrea Domingo

  2. Josh Marvin Castro

   Councilors:1. Francis Jade C. Dabu

           2. Justine Bayabay

           3. Althea Regina Tuason

   Muse: Margette Jose

   Escort:  Mike Estefan Banzon

Finally on February 24, the newly elected SPG officers were      formally announced to the pupils.