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SCHOOL-HOME PARTNERSHIP TOWARD EDUCATIONAL SUCCESS by: Miss Ellen C. Macaraeg Principal II, Tenejero Elementary School City of Balanga

posted Jan 25, 2014, 4:39 PM by Edeliza Manalaysay

        The Educhild program, launched by the City of Balanga in its pursuit of being a world class university town by 2020, well and truly reinforces the notion that a child’s educational success is a result and a responsibility of both the school and home environment.

A child’s education starts long before the child enters school. Children’s abilities in pre-school age is determined by the home environment. It is important for the family to provide stimulating materials (e.g., books, toys, etc.) and activities (e.g., attending the public library or the museum, playing in the parks, reading books aloud, storytelling, playing board games, etc. ). The home environment is very important especially for young children.

The moment a child enters school, parents should discard the long-held idea that it is solely the school’s responsibility to teach the child. Education should be a shared responsibility between the home and school. The Educhild program definitely strengthens this idea.

Parents should provide encouragement and support in the advancement of their children’s education. An example would be setting rules in terms of play and study times. Parents should also be on hand to oversee their children’s homework, particularly for the young ones. We acknowledge that we live in a very busy world and parents are pre-occupied with earning a living. Parents, however, should always find or set aside time to assist in their children’s learning as it can strengthen their bond with their children as well.

Children’s study habits are developed within the confines of home and school environment. They will strive towards excellence if they are provided with support and encouragement from both their parents and teachers. A successful graduate is therefore a product of a loving and supportive home working hand in hand with dedicated teachers in reaching the child’s potential.