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Summer Reading Program Institutionalize In the Division of Balanga by Rosalina R. Aromin

posted May 16, 2012, 8:03 PM by Edeliza Manalaysay

    Cognizance to the fact that reading as a skill is a vital tool for learning. I am a volunteer teacher of Summer Reading Program last Summer 2011. I experienced how hard it was to make a non-reader recognize words. The six weeks were too short to realize the objective to make my children comprehend the printed words.

Word recognition should be tackled first before comprehension can be attained. Using varied strategies, teaching styles, numerous materials helped me realized my objectives. Building new words thru puzzles, games make pupils enjoy the activity and learn to read and comprehend things.

                        Doing a lot of activities for the duration of 6 weeks, I discovered that all the ten pupils who are non-readers learned to read. They were able to follow printed directions, answer first level questions and act out interpretative instructions.

                        Summer reading program is now a division activity that teachers in elementary schools participate to eradicate non-readers. This is a very laudable project because this will enhance the pupils reading abilities and much more improved.

                        But summer reading program is a project that should be a must for all elementary school who have identified with non- or with poor reading abilities.

                        Looking at the school calendar of then months and presumed that there is something lacking or missing that is…. Why do we have poor or non-reader in January to March. Had all efforts were exhausted there should be no non-readers. No excuses can be accepted if we find out that pupils really don’t know how to read.

                        Let’s no be very hopeful that summer reading is the solution. It should be daily activity that will make them learn to read. Summer Reading is only a remedial measures. Let us be practical let them learn to read at the very start. Every grade level has a basic sight words. It will help. Teach them about it. Let them learn at their own level; then we can move on at the right pace. We can get rid of summer reading. Remediation is a daily activity not a summer wherein more  fruitful and enjoyable activity a pupil can. Enjoy!