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Teaching Strategies By: Marciana E. Puzon, Tenejero E/S

posted May 16, 2012, 8:15 PM by Edeliza Manalaysay

            Every classroom instruction requires teaching strategy and techniques.  This is a very basic need in any classroom management because it will boost the result of the achievement of pupils.  Teachers should be creative in order to arouse the interest of our pupils.  They need to employ teaching strategies according to their subjects and skills to be developed.


            In communication skills, teachers need to employ oral-aural approach to kinder and grade I pupils especially in English.  This is developing both the listening and speaking skills.


            In reading, teachers should use both phonetics and printed symbols.  Differentiation of sounds and association with letter symbols.  Constant repetitions enhance learning.  Reading letters and enunciating phonics sounds of each letter makes the pupil familiar with the letters.  Decoding words and symbols with association to pictures is a big aid to learning how to read.  Teachers are very concern on pupils’ reading abilities.  It is indeed very important that pupils learn to read printed symbols and words because it is a tool to learn all other subjects.  Basal reading technique is also an aid to instruction.  The constant repetition of words in sentences or stories help pupils becomes familiar with words or letters.


            In mathematics, teaching with real objects help children understand numbers and counting skills.  It is necessary that teachers employ stages from real to semi-concrete then to abstract.  It is best with constant practice.  Mathematics is a subject with a lot of practice verbally or written.


            In Science, learning is best attained with process approach.  It is a skill development with an encounter with nature.  It is best appreciated when learning by doing.


            Concepts are learned in Araling Panlipunan with conceptual approach.  Children learn the what and why when children do the activity.


            Let us be reminded that learning by doing children learns best.  Group dynamics and cooperative learning makes pupil develop the skill of listening, analyzing and forming ideas or concepts.  It is imperative to us teachers to use a variety of strategies and techniques to make the pupils learn no matter what it cost us.