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The Role of Computers in Education by: Ligaya V. Bustamante, Tenejero E/S

posted May 16, 2012, 8:11 PM by Edeliza Manalaysay

            Teachers find ways in their classroom management and interaction.  It is our goal to find ways for effective interaction.  Computers can be used in the development of the lesson.  It can also be used in the fixation of skills.  It enhances pupils’ interest.  Nowadays, we make learning easier through the computers.  Children’s interests are well aroused when seeing extra multimedia presentation.  This is how computers make learning possible and easy.


            Learning is such a very important aspect so that children will be productive.  It requires a greater skill that is reading.  Reading is an effective skill needed to make a good performance in school achievement.  It is difficult to achieve an index of optimum learning by computers alone.  Children should be ready.  They should be able to decode sym bols and printed ideas.  They should comprehend what they read.  The skill of pupils in reading is also very vital.  The teachers have a great responsibility in making pupils learn the basic skills in life as reading, mathematical skills and social skills.  It is very important that we do our responsibilities as a teacher.  We can really do our job as a teacher and our pupils learn basic competencies.  Believing  in the role of computers, we can achieve our goals.