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K to 12 CURRICULUM AND QUALITY EDUCATION by: Mrs. Rebecca S. Dayrit, Tenejero E/S

posted May 19, 2012, 12:02 AM by Edeliza Manalaysay

                Quality education is the main issue of the K to 12 curriculum. It is indeed a key issues in the basic education ladder. We are looking at into the perspective how are the schools can cope to a reality that we can attain the objective reaching the index of quality education. How can we define this measure that it is attainable. What management approaches are applicable to teaching-learning situation that pupils would gain knowledge and could result to development of human resource. Education is reality of inculcating knowledge for life long trends in order to equip people skills to be able to ensure quality output in life.

                        Basic education kindergarten, elementary levels and secondary are preparation for life. These stages requires enormous responsibility to the department. It has to answer the requirement for a revitalized curriculum manpower, physical facilities including instructional materials. It also needs training of mentors to be able to execute what is expected of them.

                        It is a common knowledge that our high school graduates are generally poor due to various reasons like, inadequate teaching-learning facilities, poor instructional materials and the many supportive materials in order to meet the national expectations.

                        With the K to 12 curriculum, we are very optimistic that we can improve the quality of our graduates, if most of the pre-requisite for a dreamt school are ideally provided. We look into the realization of our graduates to gain employment after reaching Grade 12. They can support themselves and their family.